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Profiled Solar Tiles that exactly match, and are interchangeable with, traditional profiled roof tiles could revolutionise the house roofing market. It would be possible to replace all or part of a profiled tile roof with profiled Solar Tiles on existing houses and to construct profiled Solar Tile roofs on new houses

Profiled Solar Tiles - Image Provided by SRS EnergyProfiled Solar Tiles

Solar Tiles that can be used on profiled tiled roofs have been introduced in the United States. These new Solar PV modules are produced in large format roof tile units which exactly match the shape of traditional profiled roof tiles.

So far, the profiled Solar Tiles are only available in a ‘pantile’ but it is anticipated that other patterns will follow. (A 'pantile’ is a roof tile with an ‘S’ shaped profile. It is laid so that the down curve of one tile overlaps the up curve of the next).

Profiled Solar Tiles - High Performance

Profiled Solar Tiles are designed to seamlessly integrate with traditional roofing products. The tiles are produced from a high performance polymer often used for car bumpers. The new Solar Tiles are lightweight, unbreakable and recyclable.

Profiled Solar Tiles - Thin Film Solar PV

Profiled Solar Tiles provide the weather protection of a high performance roofing system. Flexible Solar PV thin film technology is embedded inside each tile, allowing the tiles to function independently of one another. The connectors ensure uniform spaces between tiles and make replacing and extending the row of Solar Tiles easy.  In contrast to Solar PV panels, the low profile units optimise the roof’s ability to withstand wind loads as well as minimise cracking or breaking of the tiles as a result of external load forces.

Profiled Solar Tiles - Wide Spectrum of Light

The manufacturer reports that the three layers of semi-conductor material employed has the ability to convert a wide spectrum of light into electricity. This enables electricity to be produced over a longer daytime period than a crystalline Solar PV panel is able to achieve.

Building Integrated Profiled Solar Tiles - Image Provided by SRS EnergyThe manufacturer also reports that the profiled Solar Tiles become less hot than do traditional Solar PV panels.  This is because of the curved profile which provides an airspace under the tile and keeps it cooler.

Flexibility of Profiled Solar Tiles

Profiled Solar Tiles can be arranged flexibly in a variety of system configurations to provide for on-grid or off-grid uses, while maintaining system reliability and a modular design. Each profiled Solar Tile can be fitted with a by-pass diode to automatically switch off a module that is temporarily in the shade or is not functioning for some other reason. Smart technology can be used remotely by the system maintenance company to monitor the efficiency of the system.

Cost Advantages of Profiled Solar Tiles

When installed, the system can offset a proportion of the householder's energy costs by selling the excess electricity back to the electricity provider. Not only will profiled solar tiles reduce the electricity bill but will also reduce the net output of CO².

Further to reduce the labour costs, the profiled solar tile system can be installed by the roofing contractor, without the necessity for an additional specialised team of engineers. As the profiled Solar Tiles gain in popularity, it is anticipated that there would be economies of scale and the unit cost would reduce.

As with standard Solar PV panels, profiled Solar Tiles do not generate heat, they work silently and produce no harmful emissions or greenhouse gases when in use

Please Note - Profiled Solar Tiles in the format displayed here are not currently available in the UK


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