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The key principle of Building Integrated Photovoltaics is that the Solar PV technology used in the building must replace a conventional building material that would otherwise have been used in the construction

The solar PV product options are now set to increase further as a solar PV company has teamed up with a ceramic tile manufacturer to develop flat roof solar tiles that can be walked on. The two Spanish companies are collaborating and focusing on the materials and the development of a construction system to create the first solar PV pavement. The product is still in the development stage but is expected to be launched onto the market later this year. Promoted as a ‘PV pavement’, the product takes the form of coloured glass solar PV panels that can be laid in ordinary ceramic tile floors.

Flat Roof Solar Tiles

Replacing Ceramic Tiles

Solar Tiles on a Flat Roof - Image Provided by Onyx Solar

This cutting edge technology, that is still in the early development stage, has produced a flat roof solar tile by bonding a solar PV glass panel to a ceramic base. The finished product is sufficiently robust to walk on and can be put to a variety of uses. It will also be possible to place furniture on the flat roof solar tiles to avoid losing floor space, a feature that is not possible in the case conventional solar PV panels.

Flat Roof Solar Tiles

Wide Selection of Colours

Coloured Solar Tiles - Image Provided by Onyx Solar

Flat roof solar tiles are a very appealing product for architects as they can be incorporated into building projects without compromising the building design. The glass panels will be available in a wide range of colours and will allow architects and designers to choose designs that compliment and enhance their projects.



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